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In a nutshell … Sailing is an adventure! Whereas your goal is to have fun and/or an interesting, serene, and memorable experience – the Captain and Deckhand’s primary goal is to promote your safety.

Is Red Witch II an accessible boat?

Whereas Red Witch II technically is not a disabled-accessible vessel  — we are able to safely and comfortably board virtually any passenger (whether they typically use a wheelchair, walker, and/or cane). Our crew is typically large, strong individuals who are trained to help board and deboard any passenger (in virtually any condition). We have observed that the vast majority of disabled passengers greatly appreciate the opportunity to sail aboard Red Witch II. Most  (not all) smaller, portable wheelchairs may be stowed aboard the vessel during the sailing experience.  Similarly, most walkers may be stowed aboard the vessel.

Where can I park?

See the Location Tab/Page. Free public parking is available just to the south of the dock near 54th Street at 5th Avenue and a half block to the southwest (54th Street at 6th Avenue). Street parking is available.

What should I wear?

Even during summer, the weather can be (much!) cooler on the lake, especially after sunset. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt. High heels and wedges are not recommended. Our sailorly advice: bring a pair of flats in your purse.

May passengers stand during the sailing trip?

For public sails — No. Why not? Our Captain’s highest priority is your safety. As sailboats are designed to “heel” – lean (tilt) a bit beam-wise (i.e., laterally). You will enjoy the experience of heeling, as it is an essential element of true sailing. However, it is unsafe to stand (or walk) while the vessel is moving (i.e., heeling, etc.).

For private events — Please note that for longer sailing trips – two hours and longer (i.e., private events), the Captain will try to slow and stabilize the vessel midway through the trip, or toward the end of the trip, so passengers can stand for a minute or two to stretch their legs.

Is there a bathroom aboard?

For public sails – which are only 75 minutes in duration, we ask passengers to relieve themselves prior to boarding the vessel.  There is one restaurant one-half block from the boat; there are numerous restaurants within two blocks of our dock; and there is a gas station three blocks from our dock. The reason we prefer that you use an external (non-boat) bathroom is that our highest concern is your safety. In a nutshell, sailboats are designed to heel (lean) a bit. You will enjoy the heel as it is an element of true sailing. However, it is not safe for you to walk while the boat is healing. As such we prefer that you remain seated during the 75-minute sail – as the boat will laterally heel up to 15 degrees. Again, this rule is for your safety. You will LOVE sailing. You will appreciate the heeling of the vessel. We have found that virtually anyone is comfortable not using a restroom for 75 minutes. Following the sail you can frequent the nearby restaurants or gas stations.

For private sails – which are a minimum of two hours (up to four hours) in duration, we realize that some passengers may need to relieve themselves while sailing. For private events, which entail a much longer period of time on the lake, we try to find a time during the sail when we will slow the vessel – so as to reduce the degree of heeling – so it is safe to be escorted to the restroom by the deckhand. Nonetheless, we ask private event passengers to relieve themselves before boarding the vessel (again at nearby restaurants or gas stations).

What if it rains? Cancellation protocol? How do we reschedule a canceled sail?

Try as we might, we cannot control the weather! We do have a spacious traditional cabin below in case an unanticipated hard rain should occur while we’re on the lake but, in the case of a light drizzle of brief duration, please bring a light rain jacket or poncho. Sailing is an adventure after all! Sails are canceled at the sole discretion of the Captain, up to the time of departure. We want you to return year after year – so we only sail in weather that we believe you will enjoy. We definitely do not sail should lightning be in the area. And, typically, if sustained or hard rain is forecast, we likely will defer or cancel the sail. Should the Captain cancel a sail, you may reschedule by emailing us at redwitchsailing@gmail.com (for public sail rescheduling) and redwitchevents@gmail.com (for private event rescheduling). We will be happy to find another day that fits your schedule.

How many people does Red Witch II accommodate?

Red Witch II is a U.S. Coast Guard “Inspected Vessel” (Category T-Boat). As such, based upon Red Witch II’s size and stability calculations, we are allowed to carry up to 40 passengers, 1 captain, and 2 deckhands. However, we prefer to limit sails to 28 guests (and 1 deckhand) – so everyone has a comfortable seat on deck.

Do seats have seatbacks?

24 of the 28 seats on the deck have seatbacks (bench-style).

Do I need sunscreen?

It’s bright out there, so be prepared and pack your sunscreen! The sun reflects off the water, even on cloudy days, and can cause sunburn if you’re not protected.

Is there a sound system?

Red Witch II does have an on-deck sound system available for private events (only); please note that we do not allow music on public sails as, obviously,  everyone likes different music styles – and, after sails are raised and the engine is turned off,  as the sound of wind and waves is a beautiful, unique experience.

For private events (only) – you have the option of simply listening to the sound of wind and waves – or you may opt to bring an iPod (or Android telephone) with your favorite sailing playlist.

Can we swim or jump off?

To protect your safety, there is no swimming from Red Witch II – absolutely no exceptions.

Can I bring food?

For public sails, you may opt to bring a snack. Note that there are numerous restaurants within two blocks of the boat — so you may plan to dine in downtown Kenosha before or after the sail. Please feel free to bring a light snack – but not a meal  (and definitely you may not bring any beverages – no exceptions – as we sell beer, wine, soda, and bottled water aboard the boat).

For private events, you may bring food or hire one of our recommended catering companies for casual dining aboard the vessel.

Can I bring any beverages?

For Public Sails (only) — No, you may not bring aboard any beverages aboard the vessel if you are sailing on a public sail — no exceptions – as we sell domestic beer ($5),  boxed wine ($5), soda ($2) and bottled water ($1) on public sails.

For Private Events, we offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage packages. Please contact us for more information at redwitchevents@gmail.com.

What time does the boat actually leave the dock?

We begin the boarding process at the scheduled time of departure with a 5-minute “Safety Speech” – while passengers are still on the dock. We then accept tickets and board the vessel – this typically takes five minutes, but depending upon the needs of passengers, may take up to ten minutes. Hence the vessel typically departs the dock ten minutes after the time of scheduled departure. Note that we do expect you to be on time – arrive at the time of scheduled departure to hear the entire Safety Speech (for your safety and the safety of others).

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