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Red Witch II is an approximate replica of an early-generation (1914 to 1966) “12-Meter” sailboat – similar to those that raced in the 1920 Olympics and 1958 to 1966 America’s Cup.


 Whereas Red Witch II is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard to accommodate 40 passengers, for passenger comfort we prefer to sail with 28 (or fewer) passengers. Red Witch II displaces 19 tons, carries 1,200 square feet of sail, and has an overall length of 55 feet. She has a traditional full keel and cutter sailing rig (with a modern Marconi aka Bermuda-style mainsail). For her era and size she is a fast sailing vessel with a top speed of 12 knots.


 Red Witch II is an approximate replica of the early generation of “12-Meter” racing yachts that sailed in the 1920 Olympics and America’s Cup races from 1958 to 1966 – as for the 1967 America’s Cup, “Intrepid” was the first 12-Meter to shift away from a traditional full keel to a more contemporary “split keel” with fin keel and separate rudder; in the 1983 America’s Cup, “Australia II” was the first 12-Meter to feature a wing keel with spade rudder; and in the 1987 America’s Cup, a 12-Meter introduced a design with two rudders, one aft just of the bow).

 Again, Red Witch II is an approximate replica of an early generation 12-Meter — with the primary exception that she is 10 feet shorter in overall length. This early era of 12-Meter racing yachts had long, swooping bow and stern, and a flush deck – and are considered among the most beautiful and seaworthy sailboats ever designed.

 These magnificent, historic sailboats are described as “12-meter” racing yachts not due to their length (typically 65 to 75 feet– a descriptor that regards not their overall length but, rather, the sum of a series of calculations that regard dimensions of their hull shape – such as length of waterline, beam, sail area, , the total  of the relevant dimensions could not exceed 12 meters. These boats still race in Antigua, Bermuda, and other prestigious races around the globe.

 Red Witch II is an exact replica of the vintage 12-Meter racing yachts – except she carries safety gear as specified by the U.S. Coast Guard to assure the safety of passengers and crew. Red Witch II’s mast originally belonged to former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir Edward Heath – a noted racing sailor. Red Witch II has 3 notable sisterships – “Curragh” (formerly “Charisma”) was owned by former Senator Ted Kennedy; “Jour D’Ete’” was owned by the Beach Boys; and “Eros” purportedly circumnavigated Earth twice, from west to east – traversing all oceans but the Arctic Ocean.