Sailing is an adventure! As such, you should be prepared for your trip aboard.

Is Red Witch an accessible boat?

Red Witch is not a disabled-accessible vessel. Passengers must navigate 5 stairs up, and one large step down to the ship. There are no seatbacks available.

Where can I Park?

You can park in the south lot of Burnham Harbor for approximately $23. You will pay the parking meter box with cash or credit card, there are no parking attendants. Call Standard Parking to verify availability and pricing for your parking needs at 312-274-2000. For more parking and travel information, check our location and parking page. Tall Ship Red Witch has no control over parking in Burnham Harbor.  

What should I wear?

Even during summer, the weather can be cooler on the lake, especially at night during our fireworks cruises. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt so you don’t get the chills, as it’s cooler out on Lake Michigan. High heels and wedges are not recommended. Our sailorly advice: when dressing up for the evening, slip a pair of flats in your purse.

Is there a bathroom aboard?

Yes, Red Witch does have a toilet aboard.

What if it rains?

Sometimes, the rain does fall. We do have a cabin below, for when it gets a little too wet, but for the occasional drizzle, please bring a light rain jacket or poncho. Sailing is an adventure after all! Sails are cancelled only at the Captain’s discretion, up to the time of departure.

How many people does Red Witch accommodate?

Red Witch holds up to 49 passengers, although for charters we recommend 25 – 35.

Do I need sunscreen?

It’s bright out there, so be prepared and pack your sunscreen! The sun reflects off the water, even on cloudy days, and can cause sunburn if you’re not protected.

Is there a sound system?

Red Witch does have a sound system available for charters, yes. We can play CDs, the radio, and we have a headphone cable hookup to plugin your music player.

Can we swim or jump off?

There is no swimming from Red Witch. Please stay on boat!

Can I bring food?

Bring a snack! You may get hungry on the water and Red Witch is the perfect place to enjoy the city skyline and take in lunch. There is a cafe and convenience store at the Harbor Master’s office, just south of our dock, J dock (Monday til 5, Wed – Friday til 8). Feel free to grab a bite or drink at the cafe prior to your sail.

Can I bring alcohol?

Alcoholic beverage options are available for charters, please contact us for more information.

What if my sail is cancelled?

Red Witch only cancels sails bases upon the captain’s discretion.